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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Dj Kool Herc - The Father of Hip Hop

| the undisputed '#fatherofhiphop' dj #koolherc (@kooldjherc / @officialdjkoolherc) says he was offered $1o,ooo to waive his rights & agree to be a consultant. when the legendary #djkoolherc denied, #hbo went ahead & used his names, likeness in addition to his voice anyway. cool w/ that? he’s not. he is in fact steamed at hbo as well as the #producers of the hit series '#vinyl' who he says stole his name, reputation & #goodwill by using the name & #thevoice without consent. in papers filed in #manhattan supreme court herc, whose real name is #clivecampbell, says the producers came to him before the show aired to offered him $1o,ooo if he would waive his 'overall rights' & agree to be a consultant. the great is known as a groundbreaking force in the development of #hiphop music & who we collectively refer to as #thefatherofhiphop. of course he refused the offer as it was too low, i agree. if you don't know what the program is, #letmeputyouon. the series 'vinyl' is a series about a man trying to revive his record company in the '#70s as the pop music scene was evolving from #rock to #punk to hip hop & beyond. court papers say that rather than follow up w/ another offer, hbo & #brokenrecords proceeded in airing the show without consulting him or receiving his expressed consent. i'm glad he's taking it to court. truth be told, i actually dig the program in part because of the inclusion of the birth of hip hop & the incomparable legend. our heroes should not be taken advantage of. hopefully, he wins the suit. i'm definitely w/ him 1oo%. salutations + respect to the emperor.