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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Dj Kool Herc - The Father of Hip Hop

Happy birthday DJ Kool Herc aka The Godfather and inventor of Hip Hop! This pic was taken at a hip hop conference in Washington DC a few years ago where hip hop thought leaders from across North America convened to consider the past, present & future of the culture. Hip hop culture has been good, no, GREAT to me, and I personally thanked Herc (and bought his mixtapes, because icons have bills to pay too). Without him, there is no such thing as hip hop. Without him importing Jamaican sound system culture to the Bronx, there is no such thing as hip hop, which a large number of my good friends have practiced and built lives for themselves, bought homes, traveled the globe. Those of us who practice the tenets of the culture, and are fortunate enough to make a good living off of this sacred culture, need to salute this Kingston JA born gem (or pay tithes). And please protect yourselves from the vampires & parasites who know little about our culture, participate in it in a shamelessly superficial way & only seek to exploit it for personal gain...we see them #hiphop #rapmusic #koolherc #djkoolherc #herculoids #southbronx #newyork #kingston #jamaica #washington #legend #music #breakbeats #dj #bboys #bgirls #1520sedgwick #1520sedgwickavenue