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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Dj Kool Herc - The Father of Hip Hop

The wife, @vegasgirl62, and I have been watching @vinyl since the beginning, and after an iffy start it's quickly become must-see TV! Anyone who loves music of the 70's, or music in general, would love this show. The behind the scenes of the music industry, the birth of many #musical #genres, and the drug scene during that time is very revealing and nothing is forced. It allows its stories and characters to develop at a deliberate, believable pace and it seems that before the hour has barely begun, it's over, and you find yourself waiting for the next episode. I believe people are really sleeping on this show! Also, @bobby_cannavale has become one of my favorite actors in the game and @junotemple really brings the #rock #groupie to life. #vinyl #rockandroll #music #randb #mickjagger #martinscorsese #hiphop #djkoolherc #rayromano #oliviawilde atoessandoh #jamesjagger #susanheyward