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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Dj Kool Herc - The Father of Hip Hop

#Repost @oldschoolhip_hop with @repostapp ・・・ THE IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!!!PLEASE SHARE THIS POST!!! Well heads what a journey this has been, 71.2k organic heads, all who love real and old school Hip-Hop and music. So now the time has come for a new expedition, a new chapter in this page. I've been discussion this idea with multiple heads on the Gram and now it's time to unveil it. @oldschoolhip_hop is now going to Facebook. Me, @hiphopforthesoul, @esevatochavas and @90s.flava will be running a Facebook page under the title Hip Hop Nation. Our page will run similar to my Instagram, we will post old school and real Hip-Hop, but we will also be posting the music that has influenced Hip-Hop such as Nate King Cole, Ray Charles, James Brown...ect. This page will be a page dedicated to old school/real music, so expect a lot of diversity. We will cover dates and share stories and bio's on artist and we will also be promoting artist on our Facebook page. Yes we will have a promotion deal on our new Facebook page, the mellow @hiphopforthesoul and I will be covering that, our man @esevatochavas will speak on social issues and more. We will all post music, b-boying, graffiti, DJing and more that we feel is dope, think of what we do here but on Facebook. Please share this and spread the word, we have just started so please work with us and support our page, thank you to all who repost this for us. Link for the page is in my bio. #nas #krsone #djkoolherc #rakim #slickrick #bigl #bigpun #tupac #biggiesmalls #redman #dondi #stayhigh149 #rocksteadycrew #asia1 #beastieboys #rundmc #whodini #hiphopnation #legends #greatestofalltime #realhiphop #oldschool4life #oldschoolhiphop4life