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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dj Kool Herc - The Father of Hip Hop

Anyone that knows me and has done for a while knows hiphop culture has been a vital part of who I am. From rapping, to dancing to the way I walk. Hiphop has its own culture from equality and love to poetry, art, on to knowledge to dance to expression of self. It's so much more than rap. People will be quick to judge it. But for me it had only been positive. Today was like a pilgrimage for me going to the place where DJ Kool Herc had the first HipHop break party in the Bronx. This pilgrimage for me has reminded me that it is only love that matters. Seeing the best in all people and living a full life using my talents to the full is what matters. I'm so thankful for all the people that have helped me this far and look forward to the joys of the future. Have a great one people. #hiphop #nyc #bronx #boogiedown #djkoolherc #roots #hiphopculture #hiphopiwillalwaysloveyou