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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Dj Kool Herc - The Father of Hip Hop

Keeping it realer than 100%. Take me back to the @106kmel protest. Why is the station "for the people", obnoxiously blasting corporate narratives of #hiphop that falsely represents "it's people"? Why do they not play more music by hard working, QUALITY and Worthy artists from their OWN community that TRULY inspire and uplift the community with the #realhiphop that they create? Why do they refuse to recognize real and true #hiphop that originally was birthed out of the #civilrightsmovement to be a positive inspiration and alternative to violence amongst one another in order to uplift and empower the black and brown communities and unite for UNITY and to have a good time TOGETHER..? Why do stations like #106kmel continue to give #HipHop a bad reputation amongst the entire audience of the world, to where people NOW identify hiphop as negative, violent, degrading to our women, vulgar for the youth, and just plain and simple #CrapRap? Do they do this To keep us oppressed...? Do they do this To show our youth that this #SoCalledHipHop on their radio station is what our youth should be anticipating their futures to be like? To destroy each other? To fight with each other? To belittle each other? They get PAID while we get PLAYED. Is that real hip hop? Does that sound like what hip hop was CREATED to even DO? To put money into the white mans pocket while at the same time keeping black and brown people oppressed and embodied with violence and drugs. Is that what real hip hop is? Of course it isn't. Ask #DJKoolHerc, #AfrikaBambaataa #ZuluNation, #KidCreole & #MelleMel and all of the OG's who were PRESENT when and where #hiphop #ORIGINATED on the east coast which spread to the west. Learn your history. Practice what you preach. #RealHipHop #TrueHipHop #ZuluNation #Zulu #Peace #Love #unity - #Hiphopforchange #hiphop4change 📷: @johwell_stcilien #NigistUp #NegusUp #NegusWorld