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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Dj Kool Herc - The Father of Hip Hop

BRUH...BBBBRRRRUUUUUUHH! The God himself liked my video?!?!?! For those that do not know they history, Kool DJ Herc started this culture that evolved from manipulating breakbeats in funk and soul records at parties in the South Bronx in the 1973 on the corner of Sedgwick & Cedar that spread to the Bronx River Houses and then spread to the other boroughs of NYC and then the world. This culture evolved from the socioeconomic depravity of people of color in the 1970's inner city that included new emerging talents of DJing,graffiti writers, break dancers and MC's. Kool DJ Herc help pioneer a culture that subsequently influence billions and make billions. Before the mass consumerism and cultural gentrification of this lifestyle, @kooldjherc put inception a force that was pure and beautiful and recognized the oppressed individuals and have them collectively grow to a global community that changed music, art, fashion, and transitioned from counter culture to the mainstream. The forgotten had a voice because of you. The real America. The real world. The only black music genre that didn't seek crossover or white "mainstream" approval. You pioneered hip hop. U gave a lil black boy who was the son of Ethiopian immigrants a whole lot of knowledge, style, speech, and empowerment that is responsible for so much that I love in my life to the fullest. U gave us hip hop Kool Herc. Thank you on behalf of the entire world and my apologies on behalf of the real world for what it has changed to. Ur a Titan above gods in this world history. Peace #kooldjherc #djkoolherc #hiphop #hiphopforever #1970something #1973 #southbronx #nyc #dj #graffiti #MC #breakdancing #bboys #bgirls #sedgwickandcedar #thankyou #peacegod #imspazzing #nerdedout #feltlikeblackjesusjustgavemedap