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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Dj Kool Herc - The Father of Hip Hop

#Throwback Bites // #1520SedgwickAvenue Sedgwick Records’ namesake is the #Bethlehem of #HipHop culture. An unassuming high-rise building at #1520SedgwickAve in the #WestBronx, this historic location hosted the first Hip-Hop #blockparties in its community room back in 1973. #DJKoolHerc took the reigns of these early events and, with the help of folks from the neighbourhood, Hip-Hop culture was born. Recognising the need for community events orientated around good music and a space for working-class black youth to express themselves and be centred, #KoolHerc DJ’d all of these early bashes. Word spreads fast (who knew?) and soon enough it had spiralled to a city-wide and then #worldwide cultural phenomenon, migrating from the pumping first floor of #1520Sedgwick to all corners of the globe. Hip-Hop is a complex culture that came about at a specific time and place. Still, it is these values of #community, #passion, and #vision that Sedgwick Records lay down their laws by. Sadly, the common threat of #gentrification and rent spikes threaten the #1520 (also known as Sedgwick & Cedar) as well as its tenants, many of whom have lived with their families in the area for generations. Although it has been recognised as one of the most important locations in what is one of the biggest worldwide movements to this day, there is still a push for the protections it and its residents deserve. #sedgwickrecords #realhiphop #hiphophistory #throwbackthursday #tbt